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Rocky Horror Picture Show
by Jason J Haston

So, I play Eddie at the Boulder & Ft. Collins functions!
of which there are none.
At the last showing of rhps in Boulder, I sat in the audience and the cast was prepared as teenagers.
TOMORROW, th 11th of July '98 we will converge on the Esquire and they're showing.

My COLUMBIA of Ft. Collins & Boulder!!!! Myself as Eddie/Meatloaf...check out the chains

Cast: J as Eddie / Meatloaf
	Randi as Columbia/Magenta / Little Nell
	geoff Kent as MC / Sal Piro
	Vaughn as Riff Raff / Richard O'Brien
	Celine as Magenta/Columbia/FrankenFurter / Tim Curry
	Ross as Brad / Barry Bostwick
	who knows who else?

	Vaughn and I were flown to Aspen for the 15th Anniversary to perform!

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